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This is what repowering New York looks like.

The Turbines

Vestas is the preferred supplier for wind turbine generators for Empire Wind.
Vestas will deliver 138 V236-15MW wind turbine generators with a total generating
capacity of around 2GW.

  • 15 MW capacity
  • 774 feet rotor diameter
  • 886 feet high tip height
  • 463,000 sqf swept area

Each turbine rotation can power a New York home for about 1.5 days.

The South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT):

The renewable power generated by the Empire Wind 1 turbines will be transported from the project site south of Long Island to land via cables buried under the seabed.

The submarine export cables will run from the wind farm, under New York Harbor, to a
new electrical substation at the northern end of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal
(SBMT) near 29th St., which converts this power to the voltage level we use in our homes, making it ready to plug into the grid.

At 73 acres, SBMT will be one of the largest dedicated offshore wind port facilities in the U.S. SBMT will house Empire Wind’s operations and maintenance base and serve as an assembly site for our projects and the broader New York offshore wind industry.

Equinor and bp’s activities at SBMT are anticipated to support over 1,000 jobs annually
in the region, from construction jobs to long term operations and maintenance jobs.

Take a tour of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal before construction begins.

In the Wind

The latest about the project