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The Equinor Women Working on the Empire Wind Project 

As Equinor continues to develop the Empire Wind project — the first offshore wind farm to deliver power directly into New York City — there are many colleagues working in a wide range of roles behind-the-scenes to make this transformational project a reality.  

Equity is a part of our name. At Equinor, we imagine a gender-equal world, where we attract and promote inclusion among all employees. To mark our celebration of International Women’s Month, we asked some of our talented Equinor colleagues to share their backgrounds and what led them to Equinor and to Empire Wind.  

Gloria Alvarez 

Meet Gloria Alvarez, the Community Affairs Manager for Empire Wind 1. Gloria’s journey into the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) world began with her first job with a labor union, where she championed workers’ rights and developed a keen interest in human rights advocacy. Gloria majored in Political Science at UMass-Lowell and later pursued a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management at Fordham and an MBA at Brown University. Gloria found her calling in the sustainability sector and became dedicated to addressing systemic issues that perpetuate social, economic, and environmental inequality. 

Gloria’s decision to join Empire Wind stems from an interest in maximizing impact and creating long-lasting change. As an environmental justice advocate, she recognizes the power of leveraging corporate resources to engage communities authentically. By aligning interests through public-private partnerships, Gloria aims to foster community engagement and make a tangible difference in historically disenfranchised areas, like Brooklyn, where Empire Wind is making a difference. 

Gloria’s unique experiences and heartfelt passion are propelling the Empire Wind project forward, leaving a lasting impact on the communities it serves. 

Jen Dupont 

Meet Jennifer Dupont, our resident marine biologist and the Head of Technical Environmental Affairs at Equinor. With a Ph.D. in marine science and 12 years of prior experience at Exxon, Jennifer has a long history of working to minimize environmental impacts while spearheading offshore energy projects.   

Jennifer’s primary goal is to ensure that Equinor’s projects have minimal environmental impact while promoting biodiversity and a just transition. At Empire Wind, Jennifer plays a pivotal role in planning and designing offshore initiatives, working towards a cleaner, greener future. Jennifer’s expertise in offshore environments has served her in creating projects that will benefit biodiversity and the fishing community. 

Outside of work, Jennifer is often off spending quality time with her two kids, boating, and enjoying the Long Island Sound’s natural beauty. With her dedication, expertise, and vision, Jennifer is driving Equinor towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. 

Harriet Green 

Harriet Green working inside an offshore wind blade on an Equinor project in the UK.

Meet Harriet Green, a mechanical engineer and the Head of Operational Readiness Americas in Equinor’s Renewables division. With a strong background in engineering, Harriet plays a pivotal role in defining how the company prepares for operations during the early phases of projects, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition into the operations phase.  

Having been with Equinor since 2016 and on the Empire Wind project since 2019, Harriet provides crucial technical advice on turbine contracts. In June 2020, she assumed the role of PFO Manager for Empire Wind and Beacon Wind. She was drawn to these projects because she saw the opportunity to contribute to the growth of an industry right from its inception.  

Having been a part of the offshore wind industry in the UK when it was still in its early stages, Harriet understands the importance of a ground-up approach and raising awareness about the potential of offshore wind technology. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation and is a mentor who is enthusiastic about creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Harriet holds a degree from the University of Manchester and pursued her passion for renewable energy by obtaining a Master’s in Renewable Energy Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey. 

Alba Peña 

Meet Alba Peña, Social Investments Manager for Americas’ Renewables portfolio at Equinor. In this role, Alba is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of contractual social investments to project communities. 

Alba first joined Equinor as the community affairs manager for the Empire Wind 1 and SBMT projects, stewarding relationships towards the responsible development of offshore wind. Prior to Equinor, Alba worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in partnership development and youth advocacy programs.  

Alba born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York, giving her a personal connection to these communities. She sees her role as a natural fit, aligning her passion with the organization’s mission and advancing a just transition. Over the last year, Alba spearheaded the development of Empire Wind I’s very first community initiative, the $5 million Offshore Wind Ecosystem Fund, which supports local Minority-, Women- and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (M/WBE and SDVOB) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE). 

Alba also helped launch the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub, which facilitates partnerships with start-ups that bring new technological solutions to the rapidly growing US offshore wind industry. Additionally, she is supporting community investments for Atlas, Equinor’s California-based project.  


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