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The New York project office, located in Industry City in Sunset Park Brooklyn, will support the development of Empire Wind. The office will also be home to an offshore wind learning center that will provide New Yorkers an opportunity to learn about this growing new industry. As the projects progress over the coming years, around 20 dedicated staff members will be based in the office.

Request for Proposal (RFP): Offshore Wind Educational Tours at South Brooklyn Marine Terminal

Scope of Work

Equinor is transforming the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) complex in Sunset Park, New York, into a major regional hub for offshore wind. We are seeking proposals from professional tour companies to develop and operate a tour of our Offshore Wind Learning Center and wind turbine staging area at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT). The tour company will be responsible for developing and organizing tours for groups of up to 30 visitors at a time, up to once per week. Equinor anticipates tour operations will commence in 2026 and continue for ten years.

The company’s goal will be to educate the public about Equinor’s offshore wind projects and the industry while maintaining the highest standards of safety.

Core activities may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Research and develop guided tour. Themes should include, but not be limited to SBMT history, offshore wind operations, and the social, economic, and environmental benefits of offshore wind energy. The script must be approved by Equinor.
  • Train and provide knowledgeable and engaging tour guides. Multilingual tour guides are preferred.
  • Operate tour program guiding visitors through Equinor’s Offshore Wind Learning Center and the wind turbine staging location at SBMT in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The Learning Center will be located less than 0.5 miles from the SBMT site.
  • A bus/shuttle must transport visitors while on-site at SBMT to ensure all visitors are safe and adhere to all safety protocols and procedures. Vehicles must follow a pre-determined route pre-approved by Equinor. The company may sub-contract with a local charter company.
  • Manage all tour operations, including marketing, ticketing systems, scheduling, and visitor communications.

Qualifying tour companies must have at least 10 years of experience operating tours in evolving industrial zones. Tour guides must be certified New York City Sightseeing Guides. Companies local to Sunset Park are preferred.

Other notes:

  • The company will need to work in partnership with Equinor to set learning objectives, develop the tour itinerary and activities, and craft relevant messaging.
  • The SBMT site will be an ISPS Secure Site operating at MARSEC Level 1. The tour operators/guides will be expected to hold appropriate Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC), including TWIC Escort.
  • The company will need to work with Equinor and subcontractors to develop a safety plan that works within the constraints of the site’s operational activities.
  • The company and Equinor will agree upon the tour schedule, which will be subject to change due to the nature of the activities taking place at the port.
  • The company may subcontract with a charter bus company to provide a driver and vehicle for the staging area portion of the tour.
  • Residents of Brooklyn, New York, should qualify for tour participation at no cost. The tour company should make provisions during ticketing for visitors to provide a zip code as proof of residency. A reasonable ticket price may be collected from visitors who reside outside of the priority area.
  • The selected company will be subject to Equinor’s Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) background check before the contract is awarded.

Proposal Submission and Deadline

  • The following information must be included in your proposal.
  • Company name, address, and contact information.
  • Company background, explaining relevant experience with tour operations in industrial zones, as well as developing and implementing public educational programs.
  • Size of the company (number of employees, etc.)
  • A plan for providing staff members who are representative of the diverse communities of New York City and the state of New York.
  • Proposed timeline and associated activities for tour planning and development
  • Proposed customer service plan with a description of technologies for scheduling, ticketing, and administration. In addition, explain how the company would manage an unexpected tour cancellation if changes in the port’s daily schedule of work preclude access to visitors.
  • Proposed strategy for procuring and vetting vehicle charter and driver services.
  • Proposed marketing plan
  • Sample marketing materials from other tours
  • Proposed training for tour guides, including safety certifications (TWIC, First Aid, OSHA 30, etc.)
  • A detailed budget proposal for tour development
  • A detailed budget proposal for tour operation. Include ticket pricing, vehicle charter, staff wages, and administration costs.

Please send your completed proposal to and include “RFP Public Access Tours” in the subject line.