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Sign the Petition to Support Empire Wind

With the upcoming Public Service Commission Public Hearings for Empire Wind, I would like to express my support for this project. As New York moves towards its nation leading climate goals, Empire Wind will play a major part in providing the renewable energy needed to meet the state’s 9 GW mandate. Empire Wind 2 will bring renewable energy from off the Long Island coast to Long Island itself. Along with Empire Wind 1, these two projects will power over 1 million New York homes. A third project, Beacon Wind 1, will power an additional 1 million New York homes, in total accounting for 1/3 of the state’s offshore wind mandate. These three projects will allow New York to retire fossil fuel plants and the expected reduction in emissions will be equivalent to removing 1.3 million cars from New York’s roadways.

This transformational project will create an estimated $3 billion in economic benefits for the State of New York as well as also creating a US based supply chain for offshore wind, putting New York small businesses to work. We will once again not only make things in America but make them right here in the Empire State. This project will also create thousands of good paying jobs to both build the project and maintain it, but also in support roles, such as manufacturing and shipping.

I am proud to say that Long Beach, Island Park, the surrounding South Shore communities, as well as Sunset Park, and other communities across the state are playing such a key role in bringing offshore wind power to New York. I am happy to support the Empire Wind project.